Registration Manual

Thank you for your interest in participating in Towards Constellations. We hope that you will experience a fruitful week. Registration process is very easy but let us explain it in a few steps.

  • Explore all the activities from the main page or activites page. Remember that open appointments and online cafe are not listed in the activity pages. You should go their own pages to explore them.
  • Open Appointments will be free. They will be published via our FB and/or Instagram accounts (will be announced later) . You don’t need to register for these activities.
  • Thinking groups and Constellations Work Groups are not applicable singularly. You can select and apply them if only you register for the Full Access.
  • You can register for a singular activity or register for full access. Full access can be seen on the top of the activity list as a box. If you want to register for more than one activity, registering for full access would be wiser. Please remember that you have to specify which activities that you want to participate online while choosing Full Access.
  • Towards Constellations is a non-profit activity. As it is not funded by a foundation and institutiton, it needs your contribution to sustain. We set some suggested and minimum contribution amounts for every singular activity and Full Access.
  • The suggested contribution amounts are below. Please note that we take the contributions in Turkish Liras (TRY) and 1 Euro is approximately 9 TRY. You can check the latest currency via HERE.
    • Open Appointments, Webinars and Online Café are free and need no registration.
    • For a lab or a lecture 195 TRY (approx 21,50 Euros)
    • Full access to all activities: Contribute what you can! Our suggested contribution amount is 450 TRY (approx 50 Euros) and minimum contribution amount is (approx 25 Euros). We would appreciate higher contributions. We will add the people who contributed more that 1000TRY (110 Euros) to our DONORS LIST in our web site.
  • We hope lack of money would not stop anyone from participating. So please do not hesitate to contact us with a brief letter via if you need any grants, or can contribute less than the minimum we set.
  • In the Full Access page there are necessary explanations about how many activities you can participate online. Also with Full Accces you will be able to access the recordings of the labs, lectures, webinars till the end of 2020.
  • You will be directed to the payment page in the final phase of your registration process. Please make sure that your card is open to online and international payments.
  • The online payment solution company that we work with is called PayTR. Below is a photo of the payment screen. If you click the EN button in the right top corner you can continue in English and you also will receive a payment confirmation e-mail from PayTR. You will see “PayTR” phrase in your credit card account summary.


  • After you complete your registration, you will receive another e-mail (besides the e-mail from PayTR) from “” which basically says that your application has been received and will be checked in 24 hours. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t receive any automated e-mail in 5-10 mins after your application please check your spam/junk folder of your inbox and please kindly mark our e-mail account as “not spam”.
  • Your application will be checked for possible overlaps in your schedule and will be approved in max 24 hours. If you receive no answers please contact us via
  • After our approval you will be able to see the resources such as reading lists, instructor’s notes, sound files, documents and etc. at the bottom of that activity page that you registered.Please note that you have to login to the website MY ACCOUNT page. After you LOGIN the zoom links and all the other details will be VISIBLE to you at the bottom of that activity’s page. Please remember that you have to register for that spesific activity. Even if you had chosen Full Access (although you have the chance to watch all the recorded activities later) if you didn’t spesicifically chose that activity, you cannot participate that activity online and you cannot see the zoom links and other resources of those activities.
  • You can create a profile to let your fellow participants more about you via HERE. Your profile will be visible only to other participants.
  • Please note that you need to install Zoom on your device in order to take part in the activities and events of Towards Constellations. Please check the basic guideline on how to install Zoom and how to enter into Zoom meetings, rooms and webinars.

    How to join a Zoom meeting

    To download Zoom


Thank you for reading and wish you a wonderful week.