Agnieszka Kazimierska / Curator

Agnieszka Kazimierska’s desire to commune with people and investigate that which is vibrant and human led her to academic psychology and non academic theater. Her formal education concentrated on psychology studies. Agnieszka’s other interests for a long time have been strongly connected to the arts in diverse forms. Attending different workshops and acting study groups, Agnieszka was developing her skills in the performing arts: dance theater, traditional singing, and acting. For a number of years she was working with Anna Haracz (contemporary dancer), Jacek Ozimek (traditional music group leader), Zespół Źdźbło (a traditional singing music group) with a leadership of Agnieszka Błonkiewicz. In 2009 she graduated from the University of Gdańsk with a Masters in psychology after which she left aside academia and continues the research with the Open Program Team.