Open Appointments

During these daily public appointments taking place throughout the week, an unlimited number of participants witness conversations, dialogues and discussions among artists and thinkers on questions related to practice in our times. The Open Appointments do not require registration and there is no limit to the number of participants.

Note: all events are scheduled in Italian time zone.

During this first online meeting we will hear about the impulse that led to the organization of Towards Constellations, an experiment in collaboration and at the same time a step towards a future international gathering in person, Constellations Summer Camp 2021. Last year, Constellations Summer Camp 2019 brought together near the ruins of Ephesus, Turkey, more than 120 people from all over the world, creating the microcosm of a possible global culture: people from 5 continents, speaking 23 different native languages live, work and create together for 3 weeks. Are there any thoughts worth sharing in this regard, at a time when an event like this is not possible? Participants of Constellations 2019 will speak about their experiences and about the resonances of last year’s encounter in the present. The meeting will include a screening of a passage from Constellations: a documentary film in creation about Constellations Summer Camp 2019.

18:00 – 20:00
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: English
Free and open for everybody: HERE is the zoom link.

The Epic of Gilgamesh mainly leads us to ask which one we would like to have: an eternal or a good life, a highly relevant question nowadays, when we all think more than ever about death. This is one of the reasons why the team of Tiyatro Medresesi decided to revisit the piece they worked on before, Gilgamesh, a performance based on the songs composed from the Epic by İlke, one of the team members. They will sing some songs and discuss some questions the Epic raised such as immortality, civilisation, friendship as well as the dichotomy above mentioned, that is, eternal life vs. good life.

The team of Tiyatro Medresesi is composed of Celal Mordeniz, İlke Yiğit, Erdem Şenocak and Nesrin Uçarlar, who have been working together for almost twenty years.

16:00 – 17:15
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: English
Free and open for everybody: HERE is the zoom link.

The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards and Defense for Children – Italia are pleased to invite you to a live streaming view on a performance of The Hidden Sayings by the Open Program, taking place in Genova on September 20th, in the beautiful frame of Palazzo Ducale’s courtyard.

The Hidden Sayings is presented at Palazzo Ducale as part of ReGenerations Day, a live gathering organized by Defence for Children – Italy, to support active citizenship through the creation of mentoring relations with young persons coming from the world.

The 2020 edition of ReGenerations Day will host theatrical and musical activities as well as conversations and other forms of encounter, creating a feast and a meeting in the spirit of the city’s “regeneration.” It is in this context that The Hidden Sayings is performed: a group of people gather together at the center of the city, in the public space, and interrogate their own myths by declaring them in a public act, a sung performance based on words from early Christianity’s scriptures and on songs belonging to the liturgical African-American tradition. They pose the question of what may be today the meaning, the action, the content of these songs and texts that are both, in different ways, at the mythical roots of the world in which we live.

The performance will start at 5:00pm CEST on September 20th.

In order to enter the Palazzo Ducale’s courtyard and to take part in the live performance, spectators must register in advance, at the following link (registrations will be accepted for order of arrival until all available places are exhausted). Due to the social distancing measures, access to the event on place will be limited to a maximum of 90 spectators.

The live streaming of the event will be openly accessible on the Facebook pages of Open Program, Defense For Children, Festival CICLO – Circuito de Artes e Conceitos de Londrina, Teatro della Pergola, Tiyatro Medresesi, among other Facebook pages.

Live streaming will start at 4:45pm CEST.

Other time zones:

05.00PM Rome, Italy

10.45AM New York, U.S.A.

11.45AM Londrina, Brasile

05.45PM Izmir, Turkey

08.15PM Pondicherry, India

00.45AM (on Sept. 21st) Melbourne, Australia

Introducing the event will be Tabby (Taborah) Johnson, Canadian singer and actress who has been part of the Open Program between 2014 and 2017. Tabby performed on professional theatrical stages and screens throughout North America for over 40 years and led voice workshops all over the world. She has served as Child Advocate for the province of Ontario Canada’s working professional minors, Co-chair of the Woman’s Committee, Diversity Co-chair. She also worked in NGO international creative work with disenfranchised communities and individuals. She received an American Music Award, a Grammy nomination, and NYC Best New Theatre Performer nomination. Today, Tabby continues to carry forward her research in the artistic field and to work for the development of civil society.


Il Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards e Defense for Children – Italia sono lieti di invitarvi a Le parole nascoste (The Hidden Sayings), uno spettacolo dell’Open Program, il 20 settembre a Genova, nella cornice unica del Palazzo Ducale, e nel quadro di ReGenerations Day, un incontro organizzato da Defence for Children – Italia, per sostenere la cittadinanza attiva attraverso il mentoring dei rapporti con i giovani provenienti dal mondo.

Questa presentazione di The Hidden Sayings sarà inoltre liberamente visibile in live streaming (vedi sotto).

L’edizione 2020 di ReGenerations Day del 20 settembre ospita attività teatrali e musicali, nonché conversazioni e incontri, rappresentando un’occasione di festa e di incontro nello spirito di una “rigenerazione” della città.

È in questo contesto che ha luogo Le parole nascoste: nella piazza della città, nel pubblico luogo, un gruppo di cittadini si incontra per interrogarsi sui miti che li uniscono, dividono, fanno, dichiarandoli in un atto pubblico, uno spettacolo cantato basato su testi della prima cristianità e canti della tradizione afroamericana. E pubblicamente si domandano quali possano essere oggi il senso, il contenuto, l’azione di questi canti e testi che sono entrambi alle radici mitiche del mondo in cui viviamo.

In ragione delle misure di distanziamento l’accesso all’evento sarà limitato a un massimo di 90 partecipanti che dovranno iscriversi preventivamente per poter accedere alle diverse attività, al seguente link (le iscrizioni saranno accolte per ordine di arrivo fino all’esaurimento dei posti a disposizione).

Il live streaming dell’evento si svolgerà, tra le altre, sulle pagine Facebook di Open Program, Defence For Children, Festival CICLO – Circuito de Artes e Conceitos de Londrina, Teatro della Pergola, Tiyatro Medresesi

Il live streaming inizierà alle 16:45 CEST.

Altre zone orarie:

10.45 New York, U.S.A.

11.45 Londrina, Brasile

17.45 Smirne, Turchia

20.15 Pondicherry, India

00.45 (del 21 settembre) Melbourne, Australia

Introdurrà il live streaming sarà Tabby (Taborah) Johnson, cantante e attrice canadese che ha fatto parte dell’Open Program dal 2014 al 2017. Tabby ha lavorato per oltre 40 anni in tutto il Nord America, sia in teatro che sul grande schermo, e condotto seminari di canto in tutto il mondo. È stata Child Advocate per minori professionisti che lavorano della provincia dell’Ontario, Canada, co-direttrice del Woman’s Committee, Diversity Co-Chair. Ha anche lavorato in numerosi progetti creativi internazionali in ONG con comunità e individui marginalizzati. Ha ricevuto un American Music Award, una nomination ai Grammy Awards e una nomination come New Theatre Performer a New York. Oggi Tabby continua a portare avanti la sua ricerca in campo artistico e a lavorare per il progresso della società civile.

16:45 – 18:30
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: English

Franco Berardi proposes that the existing stage of capitalism has led to a pathology, which finds expression on an individual level as panic and depression and on a mass scale as generalized aggressiveness. He relates the global rise of fascism to a “mental mayhem” based on the feelings of impotence, humiliation, and despair developed in response to the financial absolutism. Given this new “psycho-space,” he believes that the answer to “the ‘what is to be done’ of our times” can be given by grasping “the social function of cognitive labour.” Berardi’s striking description of our times brings to mind a lot of questions, which, concerning the “future” of Constellations may be reduced to: How art in general and performance arts in particular relate both to the crisis of financial capitalism and to the new political subjectivity that Berardi sees as the new proletariat, that is, the “cognitariat”?

Franco “Bifo” Berardi (Italy) was the founder of the pirate radio station Radio Alice in 1976. One of the most prominent members of the Italian movement Autonomia, Berardi worked closely with the French psychoanalyst Félix Guattari throughout the 1980s. Since the early 1990s, much of his theoretical work has focused on the relationship between psychopathology, information technology and capitalism.

İlke Yiğit (Turkey) is co-founder of Tiyatro Medresesi, which has served as the first performance research centre in Turkey since 2012. One of the co-founders of theatre group Seyyar Sahne, she took part in various plays since 2001 and composed many songs, inter alia, for the adaptation of The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Ecclesiastes into the stage. Yiğit is writing her PhD thesis on “The Problem of Contingency in Louis Althusser’s Early and Canonical Texts” at the Department of Philosophy of Boğaziçi University.

18:45 – 19:45
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: English
Free and open for everybody: HERE is the zoom link.

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a conversation with the Cantaoras Mrs. Alba Valencia Preciado and Mrs. Maria Altagracia Cajares Benavides, singers, masters and cultural bearers of the Afro-Pacífic tradition in Tumaco, Colombia. The Cantaoras will be in a conversation moderated by Jorge Romero and with guests from United States and Poland: they will answer questions, tell stories and talk about the role of the songs of Afro-Pacífic culture in Tumaco, their development over the years and the current context with which the tradition dialogues. As a trigger for the conversation, we will present a short video documenting the presence of these artists during the Constellations Summer Camp 2019.

Alba María Valencia Preciado, born in the village of La Sirena, in the Chagui River (Tumaco, Colombia), is a Cantaora, dancer, bearer of the Afro-Pacífic culture and cook. Great devotee of Jesús de Nazareno. As a cantaora she has an experience of more than 60 years having learned from her mother and aunt, who were also Cantaoras. Mrs. Alba Maria is the director of the group of Cantaoras Yerba Buena, and is also part of the Red de Cantaoras del Pacífico Sur.

María Altagracia Cajares Benavides, born in the village of La Sirena, in the Chagui River (Tumaco, Colombia), is a singer and bearer of the Afro-Pacific culture, drummer, cook and dressmaker of traditional dresses. Great devotee of San Antonio and Virgen del Carmen, She learned to play percussion from a very young age, together with her brother, with the
instruments of her father, who was an important drummer in the region. She is part, together with Mrs. Alba Maria, of the group of Cantaoras Yerba Buena, and member of the Red de Cantaoras del Pacífico Sur.

Jorge Romero Mora, born in Pasto, Colombia, is an actor, with experience also in playwriting and directing. Since his childhood he has been visiting Tumaco as his usual vacation place, because of which he developed a close relationship with the Afro-Pacífic culture. His beginnings in the world of theater date to 2004 at the District University of Bogota. In 2012 he joined the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. Currently he is a member of the Open Program team, directed by Mario Biagini.

18:00 – 19:30
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: Spanish, with English translation.
Free and open for everybody: HERE is the zoom link.

In this meeting we will approach meditation in the context of Theravada Buddhism as a practice of developing the qualities of attention for the investigation of experience. What questions can such traditions bring to the performing arts, especially in times of crisis in the forms of life that have spread across the planet? This will be a talk about the subject, the practice and a dialogue with participants.

Cassiano Sydow Quilici (Brazil) is a professor at the Institute of Arts at the State University of Campinas (Brazil) and author of the books Antonin Artaud: Theatre and Ritual and The actor-performer and poetics of self-transformation, among others. He is one of the founders of the “Casa de Dharma” in São Paulo, a lay center linked to Theravada Buddhism.

18:00 – 19:30
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: English
Free and open for everybody: HERE is the zoom link.

Things and words: all present and past human communities had and has its things and its words, to say things to each other and to understand each other. We too are no exception, but what are the things and the words that generally define the human community of which we are part today? And can we (or should we) talk about it in general? Is this universal screen and the language of telematic images and international English the path that characterises us in the present, for many reasons? Is there something radically new in all this or is it the repetition, in new forms, of an ancient destiny? Of perdition or salvation?

Florinda Cambria (Italy) teaches Philosophical Anthropology at the University of Insubria (Varese). She is professor of Philosophy and Epistemology at the School of Comparative Psychotherapy in Genoa. In Milan she coordinates the transdisciplinary training center “Mechrí /Laboratory of philosophy and culture”. Main publications: Far danzare l’anatomia (2007), La materia della storia (2009: tr. fr. La matière de l’histoire , 2013), Leggere L’universale singolare di Sartre (2017).

Carlo Sini (Italy) has taught Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Milan. He is a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. His philosophy has established itself as a phenomenological reading of Western science and its practices, developing an original interpretation of European history and culture. Some of his books are translated into various languages. His complete works are being published by the Jaca Book publisher in Milan.

Mario Biagini (Italy), associate director of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, worked with Jerzy Grotowski during the last twelve years of the Polish theatre researcher’s life, and has been a central contributor to the practical research of the Workcenter from 1986 to the present day. In 2007, he initiated a new team of artists at the Workcenter, the Open Program. He directed numerous performances (Dies Iræ: The Preposterous Theatrum Interioris Show, I Am America, The Hidden Sayings, among many others), as well as participatory events (such as Open Choirs) and collective creations elaborated within the Bronx community in collaboration with local individuals and groups on the subject of mass incarceration in the USA ( Will be Heard I and Will Be Heard II ) and more recently on affordable housing (HOME). He has ideated and supervised several large, international projects. As a widely recognized director and teacher, Biagini is regularly invited to speak about his work and to teach in prestigious schools and artistic institutions worldwide. .

18:00 – 19:30
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: Italian, with English translation.
Free and open for everybody: HERE is the zoom link.

During this last day of Towards Constellations we will host multiple encounters with many of the groups that worked and engaged together during the week. We will hear from them and get a glimpse on the process of their inquiry and collaboration. We will also hear interventions and reflection of the members of Tiyatro Medresesi and the Open Program upon the week of encounter and future perspectives for collaboration.

16:30 – 18:30
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: English
Free and open for everybody: HERE is the zoom link.

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