Towards Constellations is a series of online interactions based on various forms of collaboration, including thinking and dialoguing groups, lectures, interviews, conversations among artists and philosophers, as well as labs on listening, poetry, dance, music and video making.

Towards Constellations doesn’t intend to be a substitute for the gathering which was supposed to take place at the end of summer 2020 as a second Constellations Summer Camp and which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis. It is rather a call to an inquiry into whether we share objectives and priorities, among people from different places and different realities, people belonging to different fields of practice related to the human being in action, in arts and in history. Our practices always take place locally, in a literal way. The series of meetings online Towards Constellations is conceived as a place and a time to: 1. exchange internationally ideas and information based on locally developed practices; 2. inquire about possible shared objectives among people living in different circumstances; 3. on this basis, think the new possible forms needed now in order to collaborate interdisciplinarily in the present situation. Last year Constellations Summer Camp showed needs and possibilities. What is our next step needs to be discovered.

We’re all responding in different ways to our times, to the sudden and gradual changes taking place – health crisis, growing socio-political division and aggressive resurgence of nationalism and misinformation. Facing the restrictions of travels and gatherings, we may be questioning ourselves about what we are doing and how we are acting locally – where we are. We may be all searching as well for ways to keep in contact with our colleagues and friends through communication technology. We ask ourselves how this technology could be used. Scientists all over the planet are able nowadays to collaborate in real time, in a concerted and simultaneous effort, sharing information and ideas, as for the observation of neutron stars’ collisions since 2017. We share with colleagues and friends from our and other professions a consideration of human work as a potential field of study of the human being in action in the world, each profession embodying certain points of view. Different aspects of this study can perhaps constitute the content we can share with each other through communication technology.

Towards Constellations will have a one-week programme with multiple daily activities scheduled for various time zones of the world. Video recordings of all the public sessions and lectures will be available betweem 25 September – 31 December 2020 to those who cannot participate due to time zones challenges or collision of the schedules.