Video Lab: Golden Hour

Activity Details


4 Days - 2 Hours Per Day

10 Participants


20-23 September 2020 Everday at 14.00 – 16.00 (UTC + 2)


195 TRY (₺)

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Suggested Contribution: 450 TRY (₺)

1 EURO (€) ~ 9 TRY (₺)

In this lab we will focus on simple and effective techniques of video production that will maximize the quality of video generated by cell phone video cameras and other readily available video technologies. Special attention will be given to natural and artificial light and the creation of multiple perspectives through montage. Each participant will be asked to experiment, share visions and collectively produce short form content. This will be an extremely active lab and will require full participation and commitment from all participants from the beginning to end of the lab. Intensive exploration will also be required outside of the meeting time.

Instructor Details

Nathan Hendrickson is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, curator, and independent creative producer from Kentucky. He holds an MFA from Florida State University in studio art and his practical thesis work focused on intergenerational trauma, chaotic narrative and the double-binds of endemic racism and gender normativity through embodiment. Hendrickson has over 5 years of experience in the informal economy of the film industry as a production assistant, production coordinator, assistant production supervisor, and professional photographer/videographer working on everything from feature films (Mom & Dad) in the art department, to commercials for Ford Motor Company as a production coordinator, to shooting and editing zero-budget independent films and video artworks in Kentucky, New York, Korea, Japan, Italy, Finland, and Belgium. They have toured internationally with Non Grata (a performance art group from Estonia); collaborated with the Korean theatre company, Romantic Melting Pot on numerous projects; and have worked extensively on several projects with performance art researcher Gianluigi Biagini, PhD since 2016. They have also worked as an actor and video documentarian with the Open Program of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards since the spring of 2018 on several projects including editing the full performance documentary of I Am America (an original musical performance based on the poetry of Allen Ginsberg and songs from the American South, 2014), and a forthcoming documentary about their international encounter, Constellations Summer Camp, at the Teatro Medresesi near Sirince, Turkey in 2019.

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