Music-Sound Compositions

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4 Days - 1,5 Hours per Day

8 Participants


19-22 September 2020 Everday at 12.00 – 13.30 (UTC + 2)


195 TRY (₺)

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In August 2019 in Medrese, we explored the links between improvisation and composition, through exercises and play practices around rhythm, melody, harmony and ear training. The participants developed their musical and creative instinct, alone or interacting with others through any medium.
This year, unable to meet in person, we will pursue the work at a distance using your own various devices and softwares to record your ideas and sharing it with other participants as an interactive way of composing. We will create audio pieces, musical fragments or sounds from various sources. The micro compositions and ideas will be meant to be assembled into a larger frame to create a final audio piece.
The music lab is open to all, also the ones who didn’t participate last year.

Instructor Details

Jean Kapsa is a composer and pianist who loves to improvise, whether it be around jazz standards, classical tunes, pop songs, or original compositions. Jean composes and evolves within the trio « Kapsa Reininger Fleau », the quartet « Festen » and the quartet « Back ». He recorded ten albums with these groups and two solo albums. He regularly performs in France (Ministère de la Culture, Maison de la Radio, Opéra de Lyon, Cité de la Musique, Jazz in Marciac, Jazz à Vienne, Montreux Jazz Festival, Sziget Festival, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Crest Jazz Vocal, Saoû Chante Mozart, La Maroquinerie, Studio de l’Ermitage, La Marbrerie, Sunset-Sunside, etc.) and abroad (Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Malta, Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, United States, Algeria, Serbia, Guinea, Romania, Hungary). On the other hand, he collaborates punctually for creations in various fields: he performs at the Cité de la Musique (Philharmonie de Paris) as part of the festival Villette Sonique for a four hands with Nils Frahm (2014); as part of the festival Saoû Chante Mozart he writes variations and improvises around the music of Mozart (2014); he performed at the Cordeliers Convent in Paris for the 2011-2012 John Galliano FW Collection; he plays in quartet with Magnus Lindgren and in Big Band with Didier Lockwood at Pavillon Baltard for the Djangos D’or (2008), in quartet and quintet with brothers Louis and François Moutin, Rick Margitza, Christophe Monniot, Michael Felberbaum and Manu Codjia (2010, 2014), in trio with Christophe Wallemme at the amphitheater of the Opéra de Lyon (2006).

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