Mapping the Emotional Body – FULL

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4 Days - 2 Hours Per Day

15 Participants


20-23 September 2020 Everday at 00.30 – 02.30 (UTC + 2)


195 TRY (₺)

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1 EURO (€) ~ 9 TRY (₺)

In this Movement Lab composed of virtual meetings, Ilgaz will invite the participants to look at the relationship between inner motives and outer manifestations by introducing some tools L/BMA (Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis) offers. Throughout the workshop we will experiment and explore the curiosities and questions that will emerge from our virtual discussions. Some of the questions Ilgaz will propose are: How do you relate to your feelings and emotions through your movement? How do functional and expressive movements complement each other? How to acknowledge and fully invest your unique movement choices into your creation as a performer?

Instructor Details

Ilgaz Ulusoy Casey has been a theatre enthusiast since 2006. Her interest in theatre making and its significance in community building guided her towards getting a master’s degree in the department of Cultural Studies with a thesis entitled “Seyyar Sahne: Exploring Craftsmanship in Acting”. Alongside her academic studies at the university, she got involved in multiple international projects around Europe and Turkey. She had worked with a theatre company, Seyyar Sahne (Istanbul, Turkey), with whom she contributed to the foundation of Tiyatro Medresesi. For years she has specifically focused on researching body, voice and movement as a tool for both bodily awareness and creativity in the art of theatre making. Her growing curiosity regarding the field of movement led her to study Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis and get certified by Integrated Movement Studies (Salt Lake City, UT) in January, 2020. Along with her career as a performing artist, she aims to reach out to a larger community, and guide people through the freedom of self-expression that comes with the joy of moving..

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