How to Act Effectively? Existential, Cultural and Political Perspectives – FULL

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21-24 September 2020 Everday at 10.00 – 12.00 (UTC + 2)


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I would like to discuss the question: how to act effectively? That is, in a way that permanently transforms reality that surrounds us. I would like us to approach the answer to this question from existential, cultural and political perspectives. I suggest that the starting point for this discussion could be Jerzy Grotowski’s text “Skara Speech”, which – while being a set of indications for actors – is a proposition of the unique philosophy of praxis. I also propose to analyze the category of “participation” taking as a point of departure examples of recent activities derived from arts, culture and social movements. While “Skara Speech” will help us to penetrate an issue of effective action most of all in the existential sphere and in relation to the immediate surroundings, “participation” can contribute to a better understanding of effective action in the political sphere and in the area of ​​cultural transformations. Looking at the issues, I propose to discuss, from another angle, I would like to invite you to a discussion on how to be a subject and how to make others be subjects.

Instructor Details

Igor Stokfiszewski is a Warsaw based researcher, activist, journalist and artist. He was a participant and initiator of social theatre, community theatre and politically engaged art activities. Author of books Zwrot polityczny [Political Turn] (2009) and Prawo do kultury [Right to Culture] (2018), editor of the e-book Culture and Development: Beyond Neoliberal Reason (2017) and co-editor of Sztuka ze społecznością [Community Art] (2018), Build the City: Perspectives on Commons and Culture (2015) and Jerzy Grotowski – Teksty zebrane [Jerzy Grotowski – Collected Texts] (2012). He’s a member of the Krytyka Polityczna organisation team. He’s active in the board of trustees of European Alternatives and in an international think-tank Minim – Municipalist Observatory.

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