Full Access

Towards Constellations has ended. If you had just heard about it you still have the chance to have a taste of it. All the recordings of the private labs and lectures are available now at your service till the end of 2020.

Towards Constellations is a non-for-profit activity, all of our instructors and coordinators work voluntarily. We ask for contributions in order to cover some of our costs. You will see a “contribute what you can” text box in the contribution section. We set a minimum contribution at 25 TRY (approx 2,5 Euros), while the suggested contribution for full access is 450 TRY (approx 50 Euros). Contributions of more than 450 TRY will be highly appreciated. Contributions of more than 1000 TRY (aprox 110 Euros) will be listed in the donors section of our website, if desired by the donor. Your contribution will be used to cover the technical costs of Towards Constellations and for future Constellations.