Everything In Its Right Place: Genius, Inspiration and Style in Nietzsche

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A satisfactory artistic experience may be described as one in which a multiplicity of elements (movement, colour, sound, word etc.) are brought together to create a sense of necessity, a feeling that everything is “in its right place”. In this lecture series, I will propose a philosophical elaboration of this feeling -how it may be created or experienced- based on a reading of Nietzsche’s views on art. I will start with the thinker’s early metaphysics of art and genius where the Apollonian and Dionysian drives play dominant roles as two natural sources of artistic creativity. This will be followed by an excursion into Nietzsche’s later works, where one finds a rehabilitated understanding of genius and inspiration as demystified, non-metaphysical, psychological-physiological forces. The notion of style, understood as a creative form-giving activity, will be the central element in this second part of the discussion.

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Kerem Eksen is an academic and novelist living in Istanbul. Born in 1976, he had a B.A. in sociology and an M.A. in philosophy from Boğaziçi University. In 2010, he received his joint PhD degree in philosophy from Boğaziçi University and the University of Paris Ouest-Nanterre with his dissertation “Tragic Error and the Augustinian Morals.” Since September 2011, he has been a full-time member of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Istanbul Technical University, where he teaches ethics, political theory and philosophy. His recent work focuses on the aesthetic & ethical elaborations of the notions of style, form and creativity from a primarily Nietzschean perspective. From 2000 to 2008, he was among the founding members of the theatre group Seyyar Sahne, where he worked as an actor and writer. His two published novels are Buradayız [We Are Here] (Alef, 2013) and Uyku Krallığı [Kingdom of Sleep] (Everest, 2017), which both take place in the present-day Istanbul.

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