Constellations Work Group: Precious sayings – For present and future

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Work Group

4 Days - 2 Hours per Day

6 Participants


19,20,21,23 September at 22.30 – 00.30 (UTC + 2)


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Suggested Contribution: 450 TRY (₺)

This proposition consist first in gathering and exchanging certain words and sentences that we have heard once – or many times – and were said by someone close to us, and that we feel that they were precious, means that they were like a treasure which have nourished our life, or strongly inspired certain actions or behaviours in our life.
These words or sentences that we never forgot, and that we feel they had a real effective action or effect in the way we “deal” with the world, life and the others. This proposition of work is about poetry, and writing also.
The aim is not to make a “competition of beauty” (!) but to explore together (and alone between the sessions) if and how certain precious sayings, wich were seeds for some of us, can flourish and give birth to other sayings, seeds and germs which themselves can be nourishing…
It is a question.
Which sayings have made us grow?
Which saying do we remember have made us jump or dive into something strong, or essential, beautiful, generous?
It is important I think that we begin by sayings that we have really heard, with a chance that we can find in ourselves the voice that is still living, even though the one who said it to you is dead. Because the inspiration and the resonance for the poems lays in the voices.
Once we have gathered the precious sayings shared by the members of the group and the short poems they inspired, we can take a time to look at this corpus, the reflect and think together, maybe we will find a thread, or different threads, or maybe we will feel like “defining” a thread? Maybe go towards one or different ways of putting together what will have merged from these sharings and works?

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