Constellations Work Group: Lullabies for Death: Women’s Mourning Song-Work

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Work Group

4 Days - 1.5 Hour per Day

Unlimited Participants


19, 20, 21, 23 September 2020 Everday at 23.00 – 00.30 (UTC+ 2)


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Suggested Contribution: 450 TRY (₺)

This working group invites you to collaborate towards creating a women’s exploration of mourning song traditions during Constellations 2021 and potentially beyond. I’m primarily interested in exploring mourning song traditions in practice, specifically in meeting and working with women who are still singing these songs today, but I would also like us to inform ourselves with whatever written and other archival material we can access – including theoretical, historical, anthropological, etc. While my immediate interest is in the various and varied Greek traditions, that context already necessarily connects to Balkan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and other traditions. We can also consider extending our exploration further abroad, according to our cultural and linguistic heritages, interests, and connections as a group. We might also/instead consider connections to other kinds of women’s singing traditions: as, for example, wedding songs, birth songs, lullabies, work songs, liturgical songs, satirical songs, etc.

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