Attention, Coexistence and Action: A Perspective From The Acting Classroom and The Rehearsal Room – FULL

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4 Days - 2 Hours per Day

15 Participants


19, 20, 22, 23 September 2020 Everday at 20.30 – 22.30 (UTC + 2)

Portuguese (Simultaneous English translation)

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For the tradition with which I identify, the field of theater is seen as an enlarged field where we can explore what we are, through a specific craft. The acting classroom and the rehearsal room are spaces where we investigate this unnamable element that, to simplify, we call life. My classroom has been confronted with also another space: a space of reading and study of philosophers, sociologists, artists. I bring to that room the questions that the writers seem to ask me as I read and vice versa. In our meetings, I will invite you to go through this vis-a-vis between workroom practices (through the relating of some experiences) and the studied texts, in order for us to think about and discuss two issues: 1) the relationship between attention (attentional regimes) and coexistence (relational regimes); 2) the notions of action. The primary intent is to again treat these words (attention, coexistence and action) as concepts, confronting them with the most immediate – and not always innocent – meanings offered by common sense. We will also strive for a study that can make us think of other ways of perceiving, coexisting and acting – on stage and in life – different from those linked to contemporary individualism: thus, strategies to “get out of oneself.

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Tatiana Motta Lima is a professor at UNIRIO (Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro), working in the Acting Department and in the Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts at that University. She has dedicated herself to the study of Grotowski’s work and artistic trajectory for more than 25 years, having written frequently on the subject; of note is the book Palavras Praticadas: a trajetória artística de Jerzy Grotowski (1959-1974) (Practiced Words: The artistic trajectory of Jerzy Grotowski). In 2009 and in 2019, in Rio de Janeiro, she organized two major international seminars on the work of Grotowski and has maintained an intense professional relationship with the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards since 1999. She is an acting teacher, giving practical and theoretical workshops and writing on the subject since 1994. She is part of the artistic and editorial team of CLAPS, the first Latin American Center dedicated to researching Stanislavski’s work and legacy. Tatiana is also an (occasional) actress and director. Since 2016, she has directed the group Hanimais Hestranhos (Hstrange Hanimals), with which she develops a practical research on acting and subjectivity – who is, or who can be, this self that acts? With the group, she directed the scenic experiment Hentre Hos Hanimais Hestranhos Heu Hescolho Hos Humanos, (Hamong Hthe Hstrange Hanimals HI Hchoose Hthe Humans) based on fragments of Beckett’s The Unnamable and the Book of Disquiet of Fernando Pessoa. She also was the artistic director of the poem-play A Mulher que Virou Planta (The Woman who Turned into a Plant), performed by Bruna Trindade and directed by Vitor Medeiros, based on the book The Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of Mixture by the philosopher Emanuele Coccia.

Translator, Caetano da Motta Lima S. Ramos is a student, recently graduated from high school, with special interest in the areas of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics. He is fluent in English, having taken six and a half years of language courses at Cultura Inglesa.

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