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Thinking Group

4 Days - 1,5 Hours per Day

6 Participants


19-22 September 2020 Everday at 22.30 – 24.00 (UTC + 2)


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Suggested Contribution: 450 TRY (₺)

This is an experiment in thinking and dialogue among people who, most probably, never met each other and whose starting common ground is the interest in the experiment and in the topic of the conversation. The aim is two-fold. Firstly it is an experiment into self-organization, and secondly an experiment in the elaboration of a topic.
In an ideal group each member is distinct and independent and yet is relevant to all the other members. The mutual relevance could be such that each member makes a definite contribution to the character of the group as a whole that is both necessary and different from that of all others. The work starts from a statement or a question. You can investigate it in all directions. You can enter this with a curiosity and the belief that we truly can discover new aspects of things that we take for granted.

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