Afro-Brazilian Corporealities – FREE

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4 Days - 25 Minutes Per Day

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20-23 September 2020

20 September at 16.00 – 16.25 (UTC + 2)

21-23 September at 17.15 – 17.40 (UTC + 2)

Portuguese (Simultaneous English translation)

This activity is free and open for everybody. Zoom link for the activity is HERE.

To show how, through work with the body, inspired by popular culture, we talk about identity and ancestry. Especially from the experimentation in the body of exercises of vibrations, rotations of the joints, stretching and breathing, basic postures of ancient dances (balance and resistance). How these corporealities can contribute to the development of a dance of themselves and also in the training of children, adolescents and adults.
Working on perception, rhythm, attention, coordination and affection, resulting in your individual expressiveness. The daily movements related to ancient ancestral legacies. Dialogue with yesterday and today, the rural and the urban, female and male, tradition and modernity. Subjects that permeate our society and personal trajectory. From playful, poetic, dance, theater and musical activities. Ancestral inheritances in dialogue with life. In Brazil, popular dances from north to south of Brazil are strong, such as afoxé, maracatu, congadas, samba de roda, batuque and warrior dances, as we can move this body from these experiences.

Instructor Details

Junia Bertolino is an art educator, afro dancer, capoeirista, therapist in family constellation, reikiana, journalist and anthropologist. Also professor of dance and cultural heritage at Escola Livre de Artes – Arena da Cultura. In addition, she is the creator of the Zumbi Culture Award (in its 11th edition) carried out by Cia Baoba Minas where she is founder and director. For over 20 years, he has worked in Belo Horizonte / MG with African and Afro-Brazilian corporealities in various spaces such as quilombolos, cultural centers, universities and communities. The company Baobá Minas was founded in 1999 by the dancer, where I discussed the different forms of black people in their community, in Brazil and in the world, their corporealities and valorization of Brazilian popular culture.